We work with a leading, global pharmaceutical company

We work with industry leaders, Allergan in the field of ophthalmology and Amgen in immuno-oncology, to leverage the full potential and reach of our multi-DARPin® platform.
Our collaborations with partners are designed to speed the discovery and development of breakthrough therapies, creating value for both partners and ultimately bringing improved health outcomes to patients with serious diseases.


How We Partner

Molecular Partners’ strategy is to maximize the potential of its multi-DARPin® platform through in-house development, collaborations and licensing.

Molecular Partners - Partners



In 2011, the Company licensed its lead asset MP0112, now called abicipar, to Allergan. In 2012, Molecular Partners and Allergan expanded their relationship by signing two separate new agreements to discover, develop, and commercialize proprietary therapeutic DARPin® products for the treatment of serious ophthalmic diseases. The Company received combined upfront payments of $107.5 million under the three agreements and is eligible to potentially receive additional success-based payments, including up to $1.7 billion in aggregate development, regulatory and sales milestones, and tiered royalties for future product sales.


In December 2018, the Company signed a collaboration and license agreement for the clinical development and commercialization of MP0310. MP0310 is a preclinical molecule designed to locally activate immune cells in the tumor by binding to FAP on tumor stromal cells (localizer) and co-stimulating T cells via 4-1BB (immune modulator). Amgen obtains exclusive global development and commercial rights for MP0310. The two partners will jointly evaluate MP0310 in combination with Amgen`s oncology pipeline products, including its investigational BiTE® (bispecific T cell engager) molecules. Molecular Partners retains certain rights to develop and commercialize its proprietary DARPin® pipeline products in combination with MP0310.  The Company will receive an upfront payment of $50 million and is eligible to receive up to $497 million in development, regulatory and commercial milestone payments, as well as double-digit, tiered royalties up to the high teens.

DARPin® is a registered trademark owned by Molecular Partners AG.