DARPin® Biology

Our class of multi-functional protein therapeutics with unique advantages

We have pioneered the class of DARPin® therapeutics, which have multiple unique advantages that differentiate them from other protein-based drugs. One DARPin® molecule can be designed to deliver multiple functions at once, opening up numerous opportunities for treating serious diseases.

By building on these innate characteristics with an expanding toolbox of technical capabilities designed to deliver specific biological effects, Molecular Partners is continually unlocking and expanding the versatility of DARPin® therapeutics for patients worldwide.

  • High affinity and specificity

    High potency with lower risk of off-target effects

    High affinity and specificity
  • Multi-specificity

    Can act on up to 6 distinct targets at once

  • Small size (15 kDa)

    Allows greater tissue penetration

    Small size (15 kDa)
  • Simple high-yield manufacturing

    Highly validated bacterial fermentation simplifies production and scaling

    Simple high-yield manufacturing
  • 1 DARPin<sup>®</sup> module = 1 function

    Rapid creation of multi-functional candidates

    1 DARPin® module = 1 function
  • Long shelf-life and  stability

    Can be stored for years at 4°C, simplifying supply chain management

    Long shelf-life and stability

Manufacturing DARPin® molecules: a focus on speed and simplicity

All DARPin® candidates are constructed to benefit from high-yield and low-cost manufacturing. The ability to be produced via E.coli-based bacterial fermentation is a major advantage over other protein-based therapeutic approaches. For example, antibody drugs often require manufacturing process optimization and post-translational protein modification, which significantly increases cost, time and complexity. In contrast, DARPin® molecules are smaller and do not require extensive post-translational modification to enable stability or function. This permits relatively simple, highly scalable bacterial fermentation with clinical batch production every seven to ten days.

DARPin® candidate design: rapid tailoring to target molecules

Molecular Partners draws on a vast library of trillions of different DARPin® molecules to find those that bind best to different targets. Single domain DARPin® molecules can be rapidly combined in many different ways and run through screening processes to again ensure the best performance ‘on target’. Molecular Partners can also add special technical capabilities to any particular multi-domain DARPin® candidate. These are proprietary, specific combinations of DARPin® modules that give a potentially beneficial therapeutic effect when added to a candidate, such as half-life extension or localized immune activation. Molecular Partners continues to unlock new technical capabilities and expand their use in new candidates.