Uniting therapeutic innovation
with global capabilities

We are called Molecular Partners because we believe that it is only through strong collaborations that we can fully realize the potential of DARPin® therapeutics for patients.

We aim to collaborate with selected partners that share our drive and commitment to speed the discovery and development of breakthrough therapies to maximize the benefit for patients. Depending on the field, the DARPin® asset, the medical problem, the potential partner’s needs and the collaboration set-up, we customize the ideal deal structure and strive for a fast and nimble decision-making during the process from idea generation to signing a partnership agreement.

To date, Molecular Partners has received combined upfront and milestone payments of approximately CHF 300 million in connection with its agreements with its partners. The company is further eligible to potentially receive additional success-based payments, including up to approximately CHF 1.75 billion in aggregate development, regulatory and sales milestones, and tiered royalties for future product sales.

In 2020, Molecular Partners entered into a collaboration with Novartis to develop, manufacture and commercialize the DARPin® candidates MP0420 and MP0423, which are potential medicines with a unique approach for both the prevention and treatment of COVID-19, with the possibility to manufacture at scale, easy administration and with the potential to bypass cold storage.

Under the agreement, during the option period, Molecular Partners will conduct Phase 1 clinical trials for MP0420 and perform all remaining preclinical work for MP0423 and Novartis will conduct Phase 2 and Phase 3 clinical trials, with Molecular Partners as sponsor of these trials. Upon option exercise, Novartis would be responsible for all further development and commercialization activities. During the clinical development stage, Molecular Partners will provide clinical supply. The companies will work together to scale-up manufacturing capacity, in collaboration with Sandoz, the generics and biosimilar Novartis division, to provide worldwide supply.


In 2018, Molecular Partners entered into a collaboration and license agreement with Amgen for the clinical development and commercialization of MP0310 (FAP x 4-1BB). MP0310 is a preclinical molecule designed to locally activate immune cells in the tumor by binding to fibroblast-associated protein, or FAP (a localizing target) on tumor stromal cells and co-stimulating T cells via 4-1BB (an immune modulatory protein).

Under the terms of the agreement, Amgen obtains exclusive global development and commercial rights for MP0310. The parties will jointly evaluate MP0310 in combination with Amgen’s oncology pipeline products, including its investigational BiTE®(bispecific T cell engager) molecules. Under the collaboration, Molecular Partners retains certain rights to develop and commercialize its proprietary DARPin® pipeline products in combination with MP0310.

Allergan, an Abbvie company

In 2011, Molecular Partners licensed abicipar to Allergan. The collaboration was expanded in 2012, when Molecular Partners and Allergan signed two new agreements to discover, develop and commercialize proprietary DARPin® therapeutic candidates for the treatment of serious ophthalmic diseases.

In 2018 Allergan exercised its latest option upon which Molecular Partners granted Allergan an exclusive license to the selected multi-DARPin® product candidates for use in ophthalmology.


In 2019, Molecular Partners initiated a research project to explore DARPin® molecules targeting peptide-MHC complexes which is supported by Gilead. The ability to target peptide-MHC complexes with DARPin® molecules has the potential to open the target space significantly, as these targets have been notoriously difficult to address with antibody-based approaches.