Press Release

MP and Roche start collaboration on the DRP Technology

Molecular Partners announced today that the company has signed a collaboration agreement with Roche covering the DRP technology for a variety of undisclosed applications. Under this agreement, Molecular Partners will select DARPins to a variety of different targets provided by Roche and Roche will carry out further analyses and development. The targets and further financial terms of the agreement were not disclosed.

DARPins constitute a novel class of binding proteins based on Molecular Partners’ proprietary designed repeat protein (DRP) technology. Due to their small size and outstanding affinity, selectivity and stability profiles as well as their very favorable production properties in bacteria, DARPins are one of the most promising non-antibody scaffolds for in vitro and in vivo applications

Dr. Christian Zahnd, Chief Executive Officer of Molecular Partners commented: “We are very happy to announce this collaboration with Roche. The application spectrum of the DRP technology is manifold. Roche is the perfect partner for Molecular Partners, able to appreciate and to give value to the technology on a broad level”.

Dr. Michael Stumpp, Chief Scientific Officer of Molecular Partners added: “This collaboration with Roche is another strong sign for the promising potential of Molecular Partners’ technology and confirms our efforts to remain a leader in the field of antibody substitutes.”