MP0274 (HER2+)

MP0274 is a DARPin® therapeutic candidate designed to bind to HER2, a receptor protein present at very high concentrations on some tumors. MP0274 binds simultaneously to two different sites, or epitopes on HER2, thereby inducing cancer cell suicide, a novel mode of action compared to all available drugs.

We are developing MP0274 as a potential alternative for patients with HER2-positive cancers, including breast, gastric and other cancers, who are not benefiting adequately from current antibody-based treatments.

Mechanism of Action


Most patients develop resistance to the antibody therapies used as first-line treatment for HER2-positive cancers.


MP0274 has a novel MoA by utilizing an internal cell-death program to induce tumor cells suicide in HER2-positive cancer cells.


MP0274 may show activity in patients where other MoAs have limited effects or have lost their effect.