MP0250 / Multiple myeloma / PI combo

Our lead oncology program, MP0250, is a first-in-class DARPin© therapeutic candidate designed to bind to and inhibit vascular endothelial growth factor, or VEGF, and hepatocyte growth factor, or HGF. By inhibiting the VEGF and HGF pathways, MP0250 may restore clinical sensitivity to many standard-of-care therapies in multiple myeloma.

Mechanism of Action


Though treatments exist, multiple myeloma remains incurable for most patients as the cancer develops adaptive resistant to therapies.


The VEGF and HGF escape pathways are strongly implicated in the treatment failure of drugs in later lines of treatment in multiple myeloma.


MP0250 is designed to block both VEGF and HGF pathways to restore clinical sensitivity to standard-of-care therapies and broaden efficacy.