Working at Molecular Partners

At Molecular Partners, we are committed to bringing the full potential of the DARPin platform to life. We look for the “best of the best”, individuals from many disciplines who contribute to our shared goals of scientific excellence, respectful teamwork and personal aspiration. We rely on collaboration, understanding and respect to fulfill our vision of delivering truly innovative medicines that change lives. We know that together we can bring true value to patients.

Are you a team player, whose scientific curiosity is complemented by an entrepreneurial spirit, focus and persistence? Do you feel motivated to bring innovative medical solutions to the breakthrough?

Current Job Opportunities

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Living in Zurich

Molecular Partners is located in Zurich, Switzerland’s largest and most vibrant city. Zurich offers an exceptionally high standard of living, has a stable economy and is an extremely safe place to live. The city can be readily accessed via air (Zurich airport), road and rail.

Zurich is home to several highly regarded international universities: The Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH, Zurich) and the University of Zurich. The city also boasts a wealth of notable buildings including churches and museums.

Both visitors and locals particularly enjoy the exceptional cultural and gastronomic diversity that the city has to offer and the varied nightlife including theatre, opera, cinema and clubs.

Zurich has a humid continental climate with four distinct seasons. It is renowned for the natural beauty of the surrounding lakes, rivers and Swiss Alps which can be enjoyed year round. The countryside is ideal for pursuing outdoor leisure activities including, hiking, skiing, cycling and sailing.