Gwen Fyfe, M.D.Member of the Board of Directors

Gwen Fyfe, M.D., has more than 20 years of drug development experience in oncology. She held various positions at Genentech from 1997-2009, including vice president of oncology development, playing an important role in the development of Genentech’s approved oncology agents including Rituxan®, Herceptin®, Avastin® and Tarceva®. Since leaving Genentech in 2009, Dr. Fyfe has been a consultant for venture capital firms and for a variety of biotechnology companies. Dr. Fyfe is a recognized expert in the broader oncology community and has been an invited member of Institute of Medicine panels, National Cancer Institute working groups and grant committees, and American Society of Clinical Oncologists oversight committees. Dr. Fyfe is a member of the board of directors of Array BioPharma, Inc. and Cascadian Therapeutics. She is a graduate of Washington University School of Medicine and a board-certified pediatric oncologist.